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There are hundreds of domain names expiring every day. For one reason or another people give up on their sites — they’ve lost interest, or because of current situation with advertising on Internet they can’t afford to pay for hosting, or maybe they simply didn’t renew their registration in time. But old links from other sites are still there. In fact, some expired domains have thousands of old links still pointing to them. It’s a shame that all this traffic is going nowhere.

Webmasters work hard to get links on other popular sites, and here we have hundreds and hundreds of old links pointing nowhere. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to find those expired domain names with great link popularity, simply register it, and get hundreds of unique visitors practically for free?

This handy CGI Script which probes Internic for domains on hold status. Intuitive browser based point and click interface allows you to use keywords to scan for domains about to drop or that have recently dropped. Stores domain name lists in flatfile format. You can also manually just click on the domain name to register quickly through network solutions. Another greatly useful feature is the ability to scan each domain name for search engine links.

System Requirements

  • Perl 5


  • No time out problems even with huge keyword probes
  • Allows you to put keyphrases in specific positions of the domain name query (beginning, middle, end, anywhere)
  • Ability to modify llists
  • Saves 2 seperate domain lists (all found and all selected) as flatfile databases
  • Simple point and click reveals registration status, and date of expiration
  • Link popularity scan checks altavista, google, northernlight, and lycos for domain “popularity”
  • Scans and counts how many sites are reciprocally linked to the domain name
  • Only minutes to install
  • Great traffic generator or site attraction to keep your visitors “sticking” to your sitte

If you can’t Download the file please read Here



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