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Create clean, professional proposals from your WordPress backend in minutes!

Found your clients, but don’t know what to say?

Making solid, professional proposals is a big part of converting prospects into clients, both online and offline.

However, most of the time what they get is a quickly-written email, or a stereotype powerpoint presentation.

To break free and deliver something that stands out, you often have to face several hours battling the formatting devils on your computer.

Stop wasting your time on creating and formatting proposals for your online and offline clients!

It was after endless fidgeting around that I decided that I wanted a simple workflow for generating classy proposals for my leads. I wanted the process to be completely straightforward, easily duplicable and scaleable. Now since I practically live inside wordpress, I thought it would be ideal if I could cook up my proposals with the ease of cooking up good ol’ WP blog posts.

So I decided to make that happen… and the result is a WP theme/plugin combination that simply lets me create a wordpress post and transforms it into a beautiful looking proposal. I also wanted to be sure that the proposal displayed great on mobile devices too, so I made sure that the theme I created was responsive, which is just geek-speak for saying that the resulting design looks the same on desktops, tablets and phone screens.

So it was thus that the Proposal Machine was born… and it’s made the biggest difference to my workflow. I no longer dread having to pen down a proposal, they’re all neatly organized right inside WordPress. Complete with tags and categories, too! The best part is that more often than not, I can duplicate a previous proposal with two clicks and I am on my way to calling it a wrap after only the slightest tweaking… so I am typically done in a matter of minutes.



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