[GET] My AutoApprove Article Directory List : Blackhat SEO Softwares

I have been playing around with Article Marketing Robot and found a few AutoApprove Article Directories. I used these a few times and I also got some good Results so I thought, why not share? :)
Tipp: From my tests, its better if you don’t ping your approved articles, and also don’t build Backlinks to them using Xrumer or Scrapebox, I know it sounds stupid, but after each test, I dropped a few places in rankings, must be Google dance, but the ones that got approved and didn’t get hammered by Xrumer Profile Links or Scrapebox comment Links, seemed to increase my rankings.
I would also like some Feedback if you do some testing yourself.
Enjoy :)
P.S: Its a text format, I am not sure if I need Virus Total for this.



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