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This book is GREAT if you want to copy it into Power Point presentations for offline presentations in your small business consulting for Social Media. It covers a ton of the very basic to intermediate. I wouldn’t consider this expert level stuff and probably not a huge benefit if you are a Social Media expert.

I mainly find it useful to extract info to make Power Points, or if you need to hand hold and walk your offline clients through the steps in order to land a Social Media package contract with them.


“Zero to 100,000” offers a Complete 2011 / 2012, etc. Plan for finding 100,000 NEW Friends, Supporters, Clients & Customers, etc. with a 10 Step Approach to our NEW 100,000!!!…Sarah-Jayne & Dean Anthony Gratton, Authorities, Authors & Team Leaders, etc. have in 4 Parts, 24 Chapters, 204+ pages of Rich Knowledge, Content, Context, etc. that is worthy of our Review & Usage to go from “Zero to 100,000″Zero to 100,000” opens with Dedication, Contents, About the Authors, Acknowledgments, Before You Begin & What You Will Find in This Book Must Read Sections to prepare US prior to our Journey with Part One!!!…

>>>…Part One – You’re Anything But Small is 2 Chapters.
>>>…Chapter 01 – Welcome to the Big Wide Social Media Stage.
>>>…Chapter 02 – The Changing Social Landscape of Communications.

>>>…Part Two – Social Media Networking Basics is 7 Chapters.
>>>…Chapter 03 – Twitter: 140 Characters to Success.
>>>…Chapter 04 – Facebook Pages: The Public Face of Your Brand.
>>>…Chapter 05 – LinkedIn: Adding Your Link to the Chain of Success.
>>>…Chapter 06 – YouTube: Your Brand Channel.
>>>…Chapter 07 – Foursquare: Putting Your Brand on the Map.
>>>…Chapter 08 – Blogging Your Way to Business Success.
>>>…Chapter 09 – The Secrets to a Successful Blog.

>>>…Part Three – The 10-Step Method To Building A Fast and Effective online Presence is 10 Chapters.
>>>…Chapter 10 – Step 01: Listen First, Engage Second.
>>>…Chapter 11 – Step 02: Understand and Build Your Social Media Voice.
>>>…Chapter 12 – Step 03: It’s Who You Know—Finding and Attracting the Influencers.
>>>…Chapter 13 – Step 04: Don’t Get Too Big for Your Social Media Boots!
>>>…Chapter 14 – Step 05: Instilling a Sense of Community.
>>>…Chapter 15 – Step 06: Do You Need a Brand Makeover?
>>>…Chapter 16 – Step 07: Become a Social Conductor.
>>>…Chapter 17 – Step 08: Introducing Cross Platform Promotion.
>>>…Chapter 18 – Step 09: Social Media Darwinism—Survival of the Fittest.
>>>…Chapter 19 – Step 10: Knowing You’ve Made It and measuring Your Success.

>>>…Part Four – An Expert In Your Pocket is 5 Chapters.
>>>…Chapter 20 – Jeff Bullas.
>>>…Chapter 21 – Lori McNee.
>>>…Chapter 22 – Paul Steele.
>>>…Chapter 23 – Jessica Northey.
>>>…Chapter 24 – Danny Devriendt.

>>>…”Zero to 100,000″ closes with the ever helpful Index!

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