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5-Minute Money Makers:
Which of These Six Methods Will Make You the Most Money?

Stressed? Never feeling that you get anywhere with your business? Don’t get around to do all that you want to?

Would you laugh if I told you that you have plenty of time?

And that five minutes here and there is enough to get you started?

Believe me, I know how you’re feeling. I’ve been there myself.

Not because of a day-job taking all my time, but because I didn’t know how to utilize my time effectively, when I only had a few minute’s break.

I’ll tell you my best tip about focusing and finding those small lagunes of time in a moment.

First, allow me to introduce myself:

I’m Britt Malka, and I’ve been a member of the Warrior Forum since 2005. (Although the first years, I was too shy to write here.)

I quit my day-job 1995 … almost 20 years ago.

We bought our first domain, Malka.com, in 1997 – and that was just about the time we started to make money online.

But you’re not going to see me boast about million dollar villas, fast cars and hot boyfriends… (Although I do like a nice car and living near the sea.)

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