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8 Years ago I was a Police Officer Struggling to get by Today I Earn $1Million + Online – and I want you to know you can do it too….

?The Secret Steps to Internet Millions”

Here?s A Quick Snapshot of the Benefits That Internet Millions offers:

  • An insider look into the world and mind of a super-affiliate (me).
    See exactly what I do every day that’s put me on the map. You also get a feel for exactly what you can do. Get inside my head and you?ll shortcut the process by years ? with bare minimum legwork and loads of automation.
  • The low-down on how to target hot affiliate products quickly.
    Set up your own wildly successful affiliate program.
  • How to set up your email campaigns and have your subscribers adore you. I even give you all the tested results that work to build a successful site.
  • How I got no.1 search engine rankings on Yahoo and Google.
    My sites have consistently been in the top results for major search terms 8 years running. Kicking my competitions ASS!!
  • How to set up and promote your own top-selling information products.

These Secrets Pay Big-Time

Here?s what you get inside your Internet Millions e-book …

  • Over 200 tips, tactics, tools and secrets I used to earn my Internet Millions.
  • 30 strategies on Affiliate Marketing (the fast-lane way).
  • 5 how-to?s for making smart money selling your own information products (all proven, of course). Just one of the secrets I?ll show you made me $4600 in one weekend.
  • Over 30 search engine optimization tactics that I use to gain and keep a #1 search engine ranking with Yahoo & Google for over 8 years (with a heavily searched keyword).
  • 10 very costly mistakes that most newcomers make and how to avoid these mistakes and reach your goals faster (save $10,000?s).
  • 5 pages and 10 tips on selling information products online ? everything from the latest fad diets to the hottest exercise craze.
  • 4 Affiliate Networks to align with to turbo-charge your results ( and 20 to steer clear of ).
  • 5 selection tips to help you identify top paying affiliate products.
  • What is the ideal way to generate revenue on-line and how to model your own site to be like mine?
  • Over 20 copywriting tips to make your words sell.
  • Everything you need to know about Pay-Per-Click advertising. How to avoid the money-sucking mistakes that 90% of novices make and how to send your click-thru rate (and your sales) soaring fast.

As you can see, there?s a whole lot there. It covers everything you need to get started and then turn your website into a money-making machine.

9 More Reasons to Get Your Hands on Internet Millions Today!

  • You get a real-life, up-to-the-minute, insider?s view of how a super affiliate makes a ton of money on-line. Discover the actual secrets that enabled me to build and sell my site for mega-dollars. Internet Millions covers all bases from affiliate marketing to information products, search engine optimization, copywriting, scams to avoid and more.
  • Start soaring in half the time. I was flying blind when I started – you don?t need to. Through Internet Millions you have me as your navigator.
  • Know which products are worth promoting and which ones are a waste of time. This is a huge money and time saver in itself. There is SO much [email protected]!T out there that looks good on the surface but won?t make you a dime. Imagine being able to avoid all the crap and go for gold, the first time.
  • There?s no regurgitated theory. No smoke and mirrors. No fluff. Just practical strategies that I have proven and continue to make a lot of money from.
  • Even if you are a seasoned Internet veteran, Internet Millions hands you a ton of money-making tips and tricks you can profit from immediately. My SEO chapter will blow you away!!!
  • SAVE yourself hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by avoiding making the costly mistakes that I made. I?ve spent over $125,000 on internet marketing research, books, and programs over the years. Most of it was a waste of money. Now you don?t need to waste your money. I?ll show you which of these tools I use and which of them to stay clear of.
  • You can literally hit the ground running even if you have never seen a website before today. Discover, within minutes what the hottest selling products are on the internet and see how you can cash in.
  • Your Internet Millions is risk-free. If it doesn?t do what you hope it will, just let me know and I?ll refund your money with a full 8 week guarantee. Simple as that.
  • No need to be a computer geek or have an IQ of 140. Anyone can do it. The ability to use a computer and read and write English is all you need.

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Enjoy and Prosper!:)



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