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This is a tool i made and was requested to be released.

KIWORD is a Semi-Automatic Keyword Generation software that pulls the “Searches related to” from your seed keyword from google. In Future updates there will be other methods of generating keywords. My Ultimate Goal is for KIWORD to be and ALL-IN-ONE Niche/Keyword researching and SEO Dashboard that both n00bs and professionals can use.

I Would like KIWORD to benefit the n00bs the most as by making it more of a learning tool for them. Because you can spend much money as you want on any software, but if you don’t have the knowledge then that over price software won’t help you achieve your goals.

KIWORD is a work in progress and will continue to be a work in-progress until all the rough edges are smoothed and KIWORD is the best FREE keyword/niche research software out there and can go toe-to-toe with the paid software for what it does. Since KIWORD work in-progress this would be a great time to start requesting features to be added.

But remember even though i can fully automate anything, this isn’t my goal with KIWORD so remember that while suggesting features because i will only semi-automate it.





EDIT: Guys, i’m sure they will be some bugs because this took only a day to complete and will fix many as i can. I’m going to constantly update it, but if a bug isn’t fixed in the next update then that’s because it wasn’t a high-priority for me and will be fixed as i get the time.

When there is an update, the next time you start this program you may get a dialog on startup telling you there is an update and it will auto download and install if you choose so.

In the next version i will put in a built in bug submit but for now just submit here what happen and your operating system and if your system is 32bit or 64bit.



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