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Hey B-Hatters:

Today, I have a keyword tool for you called
Keyword Expert. I think you will find it to be a useful
addition to your existing set of SEO/Keyword tools.

Before you download it, I need to give you some info.

After you download it and look at the setup
file, you may say, “Aw-w-w!, thats a version
from 2007!” . . . and you would be correct.
However, this version doesn’t come with a
keygen or a crack (I have seen many versions
of this tool in the past and they ALWAYS had a
keygen or crack that was LOADED with viruses
and/or malware). No . . . This version comes with
a user name and serial # in the text file that is
included in the RAR file. No crack or keygen.

But Wait ! ! ! I am going to tell you how to set this
up and then get the latest update so that you will
have the newest registered version available. (NOTE:
Incidently, all of what I am about to tell you is in the
text file which is included inside of the RAR file).

First, if you need more info about the app, you can
visit the home page of Keyword Expert below:


Okay . . . Now, you can download Keyword Expert below:

Download From MediaFire:


– OR –

Download From RapidSpread:


VirusTotal Scan for the RAR file – 0/41 – 100% Clean:


Okay . . . After downloading the file, do the following:

1} Unpack the RAR file and run “kesetup.exe”

2) When prompted for the registration info, copy and
paste the info shown below:


SERIAL: 49462-16694

3) After you have entered the info, the program
will ask if you wish to update it. Choose YES (Note:
Normally I advise people to never update, but in
this case I tried it myself and it works)

4) The program will then automatically pop-up the
download from the internet for another file called
“kesetup. exe”. Download it to your computer.

5) Now close Keyword Expert and run the newer setup
file that you just downloaded.

6) You will now have the newest registered version
of Keyword Expert!

Here is the VirusTotal Scan for the newer updated
file that you will be downloading 0/41 – 100% Clean:


Enjoy & Profit!




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