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You need to stop relying on Google AdSense to monetize your blog…
“… Because I`ve Created a WordPress Plugin that Makes AdSense
Virtually Obsolete.”​

Dear Fellow Warriors,
Let’s face it – Google is the ‘Almighty Oz’ when it comes to Internet Marketing. It either makes or breaks you. If you are on its good side – you are golden.
If you are on its bad side, however, you will find yourself struggling more than you ever thought possible.
Moreover, Google controls the entire market when it comes to advertising on your blog. One day you can make a killing. The next day the PPC-rate can plummet to Great Depression levels.
It is seriously maddening…
“Why should I have 10 rely on Google to make me an Internet Marketing fortune?”
When you think about it, putting all of your eggs into one basket with Google is seriously foolish. There had to be something else that could be done.
… there had to be a way to take my destiny into my own hands.
Simply hoping and praying that the ‘Google Gods’ were good to be nice to me day after day was just too much to ask for when I’m trying to make a substantial income.
Finally, I snapped. It came on a day where my AdSense account was showing absolutely no earnings for nine straight days. It was ridiculous. With the amount of traffic I was pushing to my site, there was no reason to not be getting any clicks.
… and, honestly, I was almost at a loss trying to figure out what exactly it was that was causing the problem.

me pennies for every click, I
Was it my site’s design? Was it my content? Or maybe Google was placing content-related advertisements on my site that weren’t ‘matched’ enough? Maybe my visitors were seeing advertisements they had absolutely no interest in.
“After putting up with Google’s shenanigans with no monetary gain to speak off, I took matters
into my own hands…”
Rather than letting Google place advertisements on my blog and only give decided to create my own advertising system. Not only would the revenue be much better – but I predicted that the user-end experience would be much better also.
What I did not predict, though, was how tough the entire system was going to be to manage.
… put it this way: once you are in the middle of trying handle all of the request, all of the payments, all of the rotations, all of the placement, it becomes quite overbearing.
However, I knew I was on the right track. I was making more money than I ever would have with Google and AdSense. Plus, I was ensuring that my visitors were seeing only the most laser-targeted advertisements.
… but I needed an answer to the administrative nightmare that I had created for myself.
I needed something that would automate each and every task. I needed some sort of software that would give me the ability to put all of my focus on my blog’s content – not the advertising issues.

So, after months of work and dedication, I completed the WordPress plugin that has seriously changed my Internet Marketing life forever.







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