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This is an EBOOK from 2008.

338 Pages.

Brief intro:

New take on the sometimes confusing and seemingly mysterious world of search engine friendly web sites? A new book provides a rational systematic, common approach to the art and science of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin is written for those who have a website and it has yet to begin the long process of time optimizing the site for search engines. Both authors are experienced SEOs, and the book reflects the systematic approach have developed if it won the work with new customers.

Refreshingly, this approach focuses not only on technical tactics, but also about the reasons why SEO is important about just achieving high rankings in search engine results such things as business goals, creating appealing marketing messages and designing human-usable Web sites.

The book also avoids SEO techniques du jour, the kind of tactics that are hotly debated in the forums and can not or no impact on your overall success. Rather, the book concentrates on a solid, fundamental approach with proven techniques, regardless of seemingly arbitrary algorithmic changes by the search engines.

The book is written very well, with SEO-specific jargon only when necessary and always ensure that introduce new concepts in clear English (there is also an excellent glossary at the end of the book).

The first part of the book focuses on a neglected area to many newcomers, often to their detriment: a solid foundation for your SEO efforts. You need to clarify your goals and truly understanding the basics of how search engines work and what kinds of activities in search engine optimization have (and not working) before dipping into your work.

And for everyone who works in an organization that is the next important step in a strategy that works with your existing marketing, information, sales and other groups to ensure that your SEO efforts to support the overall objectives to create the entire team. The second part of the book focuses on the development of this strategy, and offers suggestions for working with other groups and sell them on the importance of effective SEO.

Only when this important foundation has been established, you should start the actual work of keyword selection and optimization, link building and so on. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION AN HOUR A DAY.




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