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Hi Guys,

I created this software to help me to discover niche markets to exploit, to analyse related keywords, to search for Public domain material, pdf, doc,zip and rar etc,to search rapidshare.

What it does

By clicking ideas, your browser will open several tabs with various trending and hot niches Research searches for information about your selected niche. Pub domain searches for public domain material which you can use to create a product. Doc search searches for PDF, doc files related to your keyword and lastly file search will search rapidshare, the web, for zip and rar files related to your keyword (which sometimes heralds some real gems!.)

It’s a slimmed down version of another product I created called Nichegenerator, I hope you find it useful.


PS. If you have any suggestions for further development of this product or would like to see some more websites, advanced queries added, please let me know.




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