[GET] How to Download Anything (Even Premium Content) From Rapidshare : Blackhat SEO Softwares

This is something I found on the internet while surfing. This is very helpful in downloading any kind of file, large or small, premium or free, from rapidshare or megaupload.

Here is what you do :

1. Go to


2. Click on Rapidshare,Megaupload premium download.

3. Enter the rapidshare download url there.

4. wait for it to upload the file from rapidshare to its own server.

5. you will then get a new


download link.

6. Click on it and WAIT. It takes a little while.

7. In a few seconds you will be asked to fill the captcha to download your file. Do that and and download your file.

Now you have your file that you really wanted but couln’t wait or pay for to download.

Next time you know where to go to and what to do, if you get the nasty error or premium content message from rapidshare :)

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