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“How I went from ebook publisher to NY Times Best Seller by scoring $5.8 million in free advertising from the media…”

Just released this week, this information is from Ron Douglas, Author of “America’s Most Wanted Recipes” and several other cookbooks and tells how he started selling one or two at a time and ended up on the New York Times Bestseller list.

This is not the cookbooks themselves (some of which are in the BHW download area) but how he managed to sell 50,000 of them.

Package includes several PDFs and an MP3 interview with his publicist.





Here’s what Ron has to say on the salespage:

“Dear Friend,

It’s amazing what can happen in just a year. All of a sudden I was able to breakthrough and get mainstream media coverage for the same product I’d been selling Online for 5 years. I’m kicking myself for not walking down this path years ago, but at least now I can help you get there faster.

As a result of the credibility I received from the media, my traffic and income have skyrocketed. And many people have been actively seeking me out to learn my “secrets.” The only problem is, I don’t have enough time to consult with everyone one on one. So, to help as many people as possible, I decided to share exactly what I did and all that I’ve learned in my “Publicity Secrets Revealed” course.

Credibility is a major selling point that can make or break a business. If your customers perceive you as an expert or authority, it?s much more likely they will buy from you. Two proven ways to become a perceived authority are to publish a book and get media exposure.

You already know that being able to put ?author of…? next to your name will instantly make people see you as someone important.

You already know that being able to say ?as seen on…? will instantly boost your credibility and sales.

So, what?s stopping you from doing it?

There is a common misconception that both publishing a book and getting publicity are difficult. Nothing can be further from the truth! By seeing how someone you know has done it, you will finally find the motivation needed to make it happen for yourself.

Do YOU have a good idea for a book inside your mind? It doesn?t have to be a best seller for it to instantly boost your credibility. If you can come up with 15 bullet points and 10 pages written for each point, you have enough for a book. You don?t even have to write it yourself. And with the resources available on the Internet today, your book can be published and selling in just a few days.

Do YOU have a potential story that is press worthy? If you have an idea for product or service that?s good enough for customers to buy, there is an angle you can find to get publicity. The media has to constantly find new stories to cover. Just looking at some of the nonsense that gets featured everyday should motivate you.

In this course, I?m going to share with you exactly how I went from ebook publisher to NY Times Best Seller by scoring $5.8 million in free advertising from the media. You?re also going to get my insider tips for both publishing a book and getting publicity.

It all starts with believing in yourself and taking the first step. Do YOU believe in yourself? Are YOU ready to take the first step?

I?m going to show you can get it done this week – even if you hate to write and don?t have any media contacts. “

Okay Blackhats, now you have no more excuses not to write that book! Heck, if Ian Del Carmen can write a ‘book’ SO CAN YOU! :D



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