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I could not get one for free, so I built one for myself. Then I thought, why not share it to the other BHW members?





VT for the downloadable zip from github:


* This is a PHP script and you need to have Apache/nginx and php installed in the machine you want to use the scraper. To install, simply unarchive the file into a folder such as /var/www/html/archive, then you can access the script via
* You can change the download location from settings.php. By default, it saves to the downloads folder (a new folder is created in the downloads folder with the domain name).
* It saves the entire file-tree including js, css and every other kind of file that archive has for that particular domain. It by the way, saves the first version that archive scraped.
* It is pretty easy to get your IP banned if you use multiple instances of this script. Do not, in any case, blame me if something happens to your IP. The script does not have any provision for proxy yet, but I might do it if I get enough response to the initial script.
* Make sure your folder has proper ownership permission or this script will not save anything. In most of the cases chown -Rv www-data:root /var/www/html/foldername will solve the problem. If you still have problem running the script, reply here and I will try my best to solve the problem.

P.S. -> comments / suggestions / corrections etc are welcome :)




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