[GET] 149000 PLR Articles : Blackhat SEO Softwares


Yep ….. you read that right LOL!
One Hundred and Forty-Nine Thousand …..

Well I know that the best made plans of mice and ….. blah blah yadi yadi ….. LOL!

I had a plan. I had a mission. I embarked upon my task …..

I combined all the downloads from BHW downloads section and added some of my own and cleaned
and groomed and unzipped and moved and got rid of all the zips and WHEW!

I was planning on beating this into submission but after about two days I looked around and …..
well, it whipped me!

I was completely overwhelmed by the magnitude of files/folders!

So, I zipped it all up (that in itself took like 2hrs) and said “fuggettaboutit”!

Then had a problem with the size (294mb) and had to split the archive ….. then had a problem uploading ….. aaaaaaaaaahhh!

I hope someone appreciates all this!

The way to use all these articles would be to unzip and use like a huge database and search for keywords to
copy out the related articles to be rewritten or course. :cool2:

Anyway so here it is …..

Download: (3 files)


No virustotal needed – it is all (ASCII) …..

Enjoy ….. whew ….. :beerchug:



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