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A lot of people have tried or are trying twitter and not having success with anything.. so I thought id share something that will at least help you get followers.

This wordpress plugin is called Twitjack. Its a nulled copy that I got off another forum but works a charm :)

When someone clicks on ur wordpress site they will be clicking your twitter follow button. Then you have the choice to leave them on the site or redirect them.

The plugin is very easy to install and set.

If you are able to get lots of traffic, but cant convert it or really do anything with it.. use this to build up accounts and either use those built up accounts or *COUGH SELL EM COUGH*

Install the plugin like any wordpress plugin.

When it asks for lisence just enter 8 random keys and enter

then enter ur twitter account and select if you want redirect or not and ur good to go :)

Download link:


Virus Total


There is one detection from clam av as packed. That would be because of the encryption.



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