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Facebook Marketing For Dummies All In One 2nd Edition 2013 RETAIL


Copyright 2013 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey


One thing we know for sure from writing this book is that Facebook
loves change. The folks at Facebook love to change things up — tweak
the platform; upgrade programs; and above all, innovate each chance they
get. This is great for everyone who’s looking to use Facebook to grow a business
but not so great for anyone who’s writing a “how things work” book
about Facebook marketing. On Facebook, how things work one day may not
be how things work the next day! The good news is that we were able to
stay on top of all the changes and pack this book with the latest and greatest
Facebook marketing strategies.

That said, Facebook’s unwavering dedication to innovation is exactly why
it is the social networking powerhouse that it is today. With Facebook’s
constant growth and massive influence, it’s obvious that Facebook isn’t just
a flash-in-the-pan phenomenon. These days, you can’t surf the web, listen
to the radio, watch TV, or even flip through a magazine without hearing or
seeing something about Facebook.

Facebook represents a huge opportunity for your business. If you’re in a
business of any kind, you absolutely should consider Facebook to be a key
player in your marketing strategy. With Facebook having close to 1 billion
active users, your ideal audience is highly likely to be spending time there.
You have a huge opportunity to capture the attention of, and build relationships
with, the people who could potentially be your most loyal customers.
When you fully leverage the power of Facebook, you can build an engaging
Facebook presence, attract and engage quality customers, and quickly grow
your business.

About This Book
Whether you’re a complete newbie on Facebook or a veteran who’s looking
to take Facebook marketing to a new level, this book is for you. You can play
many roles on Facebook, and this book gives you the tools to decide how
Facebook fits into your overall marketing plan.

You may decide that you want to use Facebook as a mini hub — an extension
of your own website where your fans first go to get to know, like, and
trust you. After you’ve created a solid relationship with your fans, you can
encourage them to visit your website to find out more about what you have
to offer. Or you may want to use Facebook as a robust customer-service
portal — a place where you answer client questions, help troubleshoot product
challenges, and become the go-to source for all your clients’ needs.

Your opportunities are endless, and this book helps you understand which
opportunities are right for your business.

Foolish Assumptions
To get real results from the strategies and tips in this book, you don’t need
any special skills. As long as you have basic computer skills and can navigate
around the internet with ease, you will be able to apply the strategies
described throughout with little or no stress. This book is ideal for anyone
who is looking to market a local business, an online business, or a brand on
Facebook, but it can also be helpful for anyone who has a solid business idea
and wants to learn how to launch a new business endeavor on Facebook.

Specifically, this book is for anyone who:

  • Is fairly new to Facebook marketing and is looking for a way to grow their online exposure
  • Doesn’t have a Facebook Page but is interested in the right way to start one on Facebook
  • Is already on Facebook and has a Page, but is looking to take that Page to the next level

The good news is that you don’t have to be an online marketing pro to take
advantage of all the strategies outlined in this book!

Conventions Used in This Book
We use a few specific conventions in this text for ease of comprehension.
When we tell you to type something (in a box or a field, for example), we put
it in bold. When we refer to text that you see onscreen, we put it in a typeface
that looks like this. Terms in italics are defined as they relate to
Facebook marketing.

What You Don’t Have to Read
You don’t have to read this book sequentially, and you don’t even have to
read all the sections in any particular chapter. You can skip sidebars and
just read the material that helps you complete the task at hand.

How This Book Is Organized
Facebook Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is divided into nine
minibooks that take you from understanding why Facebook is important for
your business marketing strategy all the way through studying advanced
marketing tactics and measurement.

Each minibook is designed to be a complete, stand-alone guide to help you
master the subject covered within. You can read this book cover to cover, or
choose the areas that interest you and dive right in. The following sections
describe all nine minibooks so that you can determine which ones will help
you the most.

Book I: Joining the Facebook Marketing Revolution
You may wonder how Facebook can benefit your business. How do you get
started — and, more important, why? This minibook helps you understand
the potential that Facebook holds for any business and how to reap the
rewards of a well-crafted Facebook marketing plan.
We lead you through the basics of searching for and finding your audience
on Facebook, defining your goals, and putting in place the measurement
tools you need to monitor your return on investment.

Book II: Claiming Your Presence on Facebook
Plant your flag and set up your Facebook Page in this minibook. Book II
walks you through the setup process, including selecting a Page type and
naming your Page, so that your business can start connecting with potential
customers all over the world. You also get a complete tour so that you know
how to navigate the Admin panel and editing dashboard.

Book III: Adding the Basics to Your Facebook Page
Find out all the different ways to post content to your Page, including videos,
links, and photos. You also discover how to customize your tabs so that
your Facebook Page is branded and stands out.
If you have a blog, you can automatically import the blog posts to save time.
Connect your Page to your Twitter accounts to create a richer experience
for your community members and also to save time.

Book IV: Building, Engaging, Retaining,
and Selling to Your Community
Start by building visibility to your Page through your existing customers and
then find creative ways to connect to new Facebook users. This minibook
gives you plenty of ways to engage your customers and basic rules for
participating in the conversation in a meaningful way. You also find out how
to expand your e-commerce by bringing it to your Facebook Page with apps
via an online Facebook store.

Book V: Understanding Facebook Applications
Explore the world of Facebook applications in this minibook; find out how
applications can integrate with your Page to make it a better place for your
community. Look at the best existing applications to add, and find out about
custom iFrame applications that help you create any type of tab you can

Book VI: Making Facebook Come Alive with Events and Contests
In this minibook, you discover the ins and outs of creating and marketing
your Event. If your Facebook Page needs a little fun, consider holding a contest
to engage and grow your community. Book VI covers the different types
of contests, how to follow Facebook’s contest rules, and what applications
can help you run your contest. Make sure that you’re getting the most out of
your contest efforts with promotional strategies and results analysis.

Book VII: Advanced Facebook Marketing Tactics
Get ready for Facebook 201 in this minibook, where you see how to create
the ultimate “Facebook experience” for your audience. Topics include growing
your Page, building social proof, and using the viral nature of Facebook
to your advantage.

You find out how to use the Facebook social plug-ins to bring the Facebook
experience to your own website and how to combine Facebook Offers with
Promoted posts to connect with your community in a much bigger way.
This minibook also covers how to tap into mobile marketing with Facebook
Places and Facebook Deals.

Book VIII: Facebook Advertising
Are you looking to create a Facebook ad campaign? If so, this minibook is for
you. Find out how to design your campaign, allocate a budget, and split-test
your ads so that you get the most bang for your buck. Understand the differences
among all the new Facebook ad types. See how to write a click-worthy
ad that targets your specific client. Then dive into the report section to find
out how well your ad performed.

Book IX: Measuring, Monitoring, and Analyzing
This minibook brings all the Facebook marketing strategies throughout this
book together with analysis of your Page activity. Make sure that you’re measuring
your efforts and setting realistic targets for your Facebook Page. Explore and
understand Facebook Insights, which tracks your progress, and compare thirdparty
measurement tools to see which ones may be right for your business.

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