[GET] Google Images, Instagram and Tumblr Imagescraper : Blackhat SEO Softwares


This program is something I created my self for collecting large amount of images for certain niches and thought that it might come usefull for others.



Kinda straight forward. Load a URL and pick a folder, image name, amount, select Tumblr/Google Images and click start. It can get as many images as you need

For more than 100+ images on Google and more than 12 on Instagram, Images content have to be manually loaded. Just scroll down as far as you want in the webbrowser and click the update button underneath.

.NET 4.5 and IE11 is required.

UPDATE: Now should also work with Instagram. Same thing as with Google, you have to manually load the images and then press update.



Updates are posted later in the thread.
Please check to see them.


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