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Double-Your-Subcribers Software
By Michelle MacPhearson

Hey B-Hatters!

This is a free software download from Michele MacPhearson.

So, what does it do? . . . Well, basically it allows you to
create a custom browser, using webpages of your choice.

From what I understand, the best way to use it is:

1) Create and upload some web pages to your site. Maybe
create a small course on ways to get traffic, How-to . . . whatever.

2) Make the first web page an opt-in form (using Aweber, etc.)

3) Make sure those web pages are no-follow so that they
are not readiliy accessible to just anyone.

4) Compile the custom browser into an EXE.

Submit it to software sites, etc.

Now, when someone downloads and runs the software, they
will first be brought to your optin-page (or you can call it a
“software registration” page).

NOTE: The opt-in page only comes up once, (when they run
the software for the first time).

RESULT: You get to build your mailing list quickly and your
customers get a free piece of software.

I opted in to get this, so you can go right to the page, view
the video, and download the software. Both Mac and PC
versions are available.

Software Download (PC and Mac) and Video Viewing Page:


VirusTotal For PC Version – 0/39 – 100% Clean:


VirusTotal For Mac Version – 0/40 – 100% Clean:


Enjoy, Take Action, & Profit! :)




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