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Advanced Adwords Response Modifier – PDF
Can a single word or a simple little comma radically change your AdWords response rate. Indeed it can. Here are dozens of proven, tiny changes you can make to radically enhance your CTR and conversions.

Exclusive Interview with Sean D’Souza – MP3
I have always been fascinated with the use of bonuses and premiums to boost conversion rate. In this exclusive interview I squeeze dozens of invaluable secrets out of Sean about the effective use of bonuses.

Exclusive Interview with Victor Cheng on Obama’s Campaign Tactics – MP3
Arguably, the most effective political campaign in the history of the world, the Obama team executed a masterful marketing plan heavily relying on AdWords and other technologies. Discover the secrets behind this stunning victory and how to use them.

Power Leverage with 95/5 Principle by Bryan Todd – PDF
Bryan is my co-author of “The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords” and is one of the most brilliant marketing minds of our time. One of his secrets is his grasp of and use of the 95/5 principle. Discover what it is and why its so powerful.
Keywords: Entering the Conversation Inside the Buyer’s Mind – PDF and MP3
There is a huge hoax out there surrounding keywords. Inside this brand-new product, I reveal the truth about what Keywords really are and how to use them profitably.

Marketing Intelligence Equation Guide – PDF
The greatest question we face each day as marketers is “What do I focus on right now for maximum profits?” This powerful, simple tool allows you to clear away the fog and get centered on what matters most.

Jet Stream Ads file – PDF
For some, the Content Network is the cheapest, fastest, most powerful way to reach your market. But most people just get slaughtered. This file will give you over 50 of the most effective “Jet Stream” content network ads so you know what really works.

Headline Rhythm Cheatsheet – PDF
There is a “rhythm” to a seriously effective AdWords ads. Find it here.
PASSWORD: Your-Rhythm

Diagnose QS Score problems – PDF
7 simple questions that can instantly help you double your quality score and triple your profits.

AdWords Bootcamp hosted by Bryan Todd – PDF and MP3
The “piece de resistance” of my bonus sheet. Bryan and I organized a complete “Adwords Bootcamp” that walks you through every step of the AdWords game. This includes over 5 handouts and 2 1/2 hours of audio files. Stunning.



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