[GET] Moobots Awesome Twitter Account Creator! (multithreaded) – Forget Those Empty Accoun : Blackhat SEO Softwares


This will mass create twitter accounts but it does more than just that! After creating each account it will go to the profile settings and change the bio, location, and website randomly according to what you enter in the text files included. It will also enter 3-5 random tweets from using the tweets.txt file. After that it will go and follow 20 other twitter accounts then save all successful accounts created into the file “accounts.txt”. All the information you can enter in the .txt files are spinnable as well! The most important part to make this work to its fullest potential is to have working proxies, as twitter is VERY picky with proxies. Just load them up in the proxies.txt list and it will go one by one in the list for each account until it reaches the end, then it will start back over. Have fun!


Made with ubot, so theres a couple false positives. Any suggestions for a bot? Let me know! Add me on skype: zonfar



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