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Hey everyone, I was looking for a quiz plugin similar to what is seen on theoatmeal.com’s quizzes and couldn’t find anything so I decided to write one myself.

If you are not familiar with theoatmeal.com it is a wildly popular website that features comics and quizzes along with some other content. Most of the quizzes on his site have gone viral due to the fact that they are hilarious and also allow the users to share their results on facebook or twitter when they are done.

The difference between theoatmeal.com quizzes and normal quizzes is that normal quizzes are based on a percentage or total score, where as theoatmeal.com quizzes are based on a variable amount like: the number of biebers you can beat up; seconds your could last chained to a bed with a velociraptor; or how many baboons you could take armed only with a big pink dildo.


-Unlimited quizzes

-Each quiz can have unlimited questions

-Each question can have an image, youtube video, or no media

-Each question can have unlimited answers.

-Answers have a numeric value assigned to them

-End of quiz displays the score along with your custom quiz text (eg: You scored a %score% on the quiz!)

-End of quiz has share button for FB and Twitter

-When shared on facebook a thumbnail is generated automatically with the number for their score.

-Insert quizzes into pages or posts with shortcode

-Something else that I have probably forgotten to mention


-WordPress 3.1 or higher

-Permalinks settings other than default

-PHP GD Library




File name: oatmeal_quizzes.zip

Submission date: 2011-09-06 21:51:47 (UTC)

Result: 0/ 44 (0.0%)





1. I have only tested this plugin on a few different themes and hosting environments so I cannot ensure that it will display properly or even work at all on your specific wordpress installation.

2. If you are having problems please resist the urge to PM me. Instead, simply post the issue or bug on this thread so that it may be of use to others in the future.

3. If you do not like this plugin or think that it could have been done better; simply build your own…but at the least, please resist the urge to tell me your opinions because I really do not care.

4. I will do my best to handle any issues or support requests that people have, however please keep in mind that I have given this plugin for free to BHW and I have a family and full-time job that take up most my time.



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