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Just got this for myself and didn’t see on DNS so wanted to give back to those who are always giving.

The email on the product is …

I’ve got some exciting news for you today, I have just released my latest WSO, “Local Business Directory Domination”.

You can view the WSO post here:


Here’s the deal, most business owners have not claimed their listings in the local business directories (places like Google Places, Yahoo Local Directory, Citysearch, etc) and by offering this service to them, it is quite easy to get them great results quickly. The local search directories are VERY prominent in web searches.

Of course just signing up might not be enough, we have to make sure our clients get to the top of these directories. I have spent months solving this dilemna and came up with a powerful solution. I know there have been other tutorials released on this subject, but I am not aware of ANY that cover it like this :)

I also cover a topic that is a bit controversial, I have had incredible success at posting positive reviews to these directories for my clients. This helps immensely towards getting my businesses ranked at the top. Posting positive reviews isn’t easy however, it requires changing your IP address frequently and taking certain precautions.

I go over all of this in my powerful new series.

Get the download & Vid’s here


I have not finished looking at this product so maybe it’s good or maybe it’s bad but since I do a lot of offline consulting (just sent a 5K bill yesterday) I look at a lot of this stuff.

Hope it helps you and give a thanks if you appreciate this.

the cowboy



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