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Share this outside BHW and you will be killed :)

I made this script, because I don’t want tools or other websites to process my spinsyntax ready texts.

What does it do?
* You can tell how many files you want to generate
* what the filesnames have to be
* It supports multilevel spintax (I didn’t test beyond a second level {{a|b}|{1|2}} works.
* it saves all the files into a zip which you can download

How does it work
* CREATE A DIRECTORY “spinnertemp” In the directory that you place spinner.php in. So if it is placed in /spinner/spinner.php then you have to create /spinner/spinnertemp/ . You only have to do this ONCE.
* Give a name (obligatory if you want more than 1 file)
* If you only want 1 text, leave the number of files empty. It prints the result on the screen.
* If you want more text files fill in a number up to 5k.
* It processes the files and you can download it in a zip file.
* it overwrite a previous zipfile if you fill in the same prefix.

Use this syntax: {a|b|c}

What is it that I DO NOT claim:
* I don’t say this is the fastest best code
* The zip files won’t be deleted. You have to do that manually.
* I don’t say there are no bugs. If you find any, let me know and I MIGHT fix it.
* It doesn’t create spinsyntax ready texts itself!

Good luck with it :)

Download file:





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