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Put together my first plugin.

It was coded to address the issue of amazon accounts being banned for not displaying the amzn aff disclosure. From my research it seems you need amzns disclosure text to be on every page that has an amzn aff link.

I have some sites with over 300+ posts, so I was not going to do this manually, so I wrote this plugin.

The Plugin will place the text into a neat blockquote, inherit your themes CSS and place the text at the bottom of your affiliate loaded post. The cool thing about this is, no matter which theme you have, it should not look out of place. It will also pull out your site url and site name from wordpress and put those into the text for you. All you have to do is install and activate and in just a few seconds your ass is covered.

If you don’t want a page or post to have the statement (such as your ‘contact’ page) then there is a simple ‘opt out’ check box.

This makes it a walk in park if you have a large amazon based site, all your posts will be covered, any you don’t want to display the text can be opted out. Each time you add a new post / page, you can also select to opt in or opt out.



Its a free plugin and I intend to keep it that way as its my first move into wordpress development. Should you choose to remove it at anytime, it cleans up after it goes by removing all the old DB entries.

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P.s. It’s GPL Licensed so don’t even think of nicking it to sell somewhere else!



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