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Landing Page Optimization: The Definitive Guide to Testing and Tuning for Conversions
Landing page optimization is no longer a secret.
It has rapidly become the most powerful method that smart Internet marketers use to build a lasting competitive advantage.
Well-optimized landing pages can change the economics of your business overnight and turbocharge your online marketing programs.
Don?t guess at what your visitors want.
Turn your landing page into a dynamic laboratory to find out what they actually respond to.
But you must orient yourself quickly to learn a number of new skills:
? What is the real value of my landing page?
? Can I see the world from my visitor?s perspective?
? How do I uncover problems with my website?
? What page elements should I test to get the best results?
? Which tuning method is appropriate for me?
? Can I build the necessary team and action plan for my project?
? How do I avoid the biggest pitfalls when running my test?
If any of these questions ring true, then you have found the right book.

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