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Ultimate Gamma
This mp3, “Ultimate Gamma” in life empowering vitality isochronic entrainment will cause a sudden increase in intuition, higher perception, intelligence, and over all awareness, as if the brain were suddenly operating at a higher, superhuman level.

Gamma brainwave frequency oscillates between 40 Hz and 70 Hz or cycles per second and is the fastest documented brainwave frequency that you can experience. Gamma waves have the smallest amplitude and are considered the brainwave to link and process information from all parts of the brain.

Gamma wave is a very exciting wave that seems to be able to turn otherwise ordinary people into “instant” psychics and clairvoyants, giving people the sudden ability to know and sense things that were previously thought only to be the domain of psychics, prophets, clairvoyants, and other “second sight” people.

Benefits of Gamma Wave
increases energy
• Gives you a great memory.
• High levels of intelligence.
• Great feelings of natural happiness.
• Strong feelings of compassion.
• Induces high levels of self-control.
• Increases ability to learn quicker, maintain a razor sharp focus as well as increase I.Q.
• Helps you vividly recall past experiences.
• Boost your perception of reality through your five senses.
• Helps you combine a memory with your five senses.
• Gives you the ability to process large amounts of information in a fairly small amount of time
• Best wave for studying.
• Will put you at the peak of your game mentally, athletically, emotionally or even spiritually.
• Improves your motivation level.
• Powerful antidepressant.
• Increases ambition.
• Waste less time, get things done, perform better at work, more creativity…

This soundtrack is in ISOCHRONIC TONES

  • HEADPHONES are NOT required, but you have a stronger entraining experience if you wear them.

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