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New Scrapeboard list 3 – Free

Cutting to the chase:
* Urls that allow Account Creation – 862 domains
* Urls that allow Profile Creation – 677 domains

This list was created using Scrapeboard.

As with all my scrapeboard lists, this list is unique domains from the other lists. So it contains no domains from the other lists and the other lists contain no domains from this list.


It is imperative that you use only private proxies. Make sure you are not exceeding your private proxy providers conneciton limit. Yes almost every provider limits the number of simultaneous connections you can have and if you go over it then it will deny random connections and this will reduce success.
Public proxies are simply not an option when working with forums, success rates will be poor at best.


You need to make sure you don’t have your connections turned up too high for your internet connection and your ISPs DNS to handle. So I would recommend that you start at 20 connections and test and increase or decrease from there.


For best success go to settings >> Connections and Timeout >> Other Settings >> Email Fetcher Connections – set this to 1.

Many free hosts limit the amount of connecitons you can have as well as the timeframe in which you can have them.

Also it is a good idea, on the Create Forums Accounts tab to set the “delay email fetcher by” to at least 5 mins if not more.


These were created using only the could database for text captchas and the internal captcha solver. I have my internal captcha solver settings set at 10 retries and I would recommend you do the same. Not that the internal captcha solver will use more processor power the higher you make this setting.
Thus no paid captcha services were used.


You will find in forum account/profile/post creation that it is not like other link building you might have done. You can run a list of 500 forums 1 time and come out with 400 accounts, the next time 350 and the next time 450 accounts created. This is because of any number of small factors, but the largest is because of captchas. If scrapeboard is unable to solve the captcha in 10 tries then it will move on. On one pass it might solve it the first time on the next pass it might not solve it and on the third pass it might solve it after 7 tries. In short this is simply the nature of OCR captcha solving and you will find this to be true with any captcha solving software.
So if you are looking for max success then you can export the failed and retry them in another run.







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