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PDF Power Brand is a free software and viral marketing system that is designed to help your affiliates make more sales. It’s far more than just a PDF Branding software. It’s a viral marketing system that you set up and plug your product into so that your affiliates can make more sales, effortlessly!

Over 90% of Affiliate Marketers Fail To Make Any Money Because They Do Not Have The Right Tools!

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What if you could plug your product into a viral marketing system that ensures every affiliate promoting your product has 800% more chance of making sales.

That Is What PDF Power Brand Has Been Designed To Do — We Give Your Affiliates The Tools They Need To Make Sales For You!

Here are the Facts

1.One of the most effective ways of marketing anything online is though free special reports or PDF e-books. It does not matter what you are selling, you can write a PDF e-book to help increase sales, even if you are selling an e-book.

2.There are several reasons why free e-books make such effective marketing tools. For example, being an author of a book can make you an “expert” instantly in some people eyes. Even if they have never heard of you before, the fact that you have written a book on a subject they are interested in will give you instant expert status… especially if they read the book and like it.

3.Just the fact that information is being presented in an “e-book” rather than on a web page, makes it more valid. An e-book authored by you puts you in a position of authority (which the word author comes from). Making sales is about being trusted, people have to trust you and your product before you will make any level of sales. People have to see you as an expert, who’s advice should be followed. Offering a FREE book is a perfect way of increasing your expert status to a wide audience.

4.An e-book gives your audience ownership of your information, it’s not just another web site, it’s an e-book they can read when they are ready and open to the information. It’s a book that they can add to their collection.

5.An e-book gives your audience the ability to print out your information and read it away from their computer, when they are relaxed and ready to receive your insights.

All these things and more make PDF e-books highly effective marketing tools.

Just the nature of the PDF file taps into so many subtle psychological sales triggers it’s unreal.



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PS: You will get a fully editable ebook, that you will be able to put 5 TAGS:

* Brute Force Linking Loophole Affiliate ID

* BadAss RSS Affiliate ID

* Your Name

* Your Website URL(Twice)

You will have FULL Rights to the ebook. After you brand it, you can sell it, give away to your list. Whatever you want!



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