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Free E-book by Scott Trimble. I just got it in my inbox yesterday. Enjoy…

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This book is split into a series of 4 sections ? the basics, research, affiliate site building and marketing. Each are laid out in a step by step process, providing you with a roadmap of how to get from here (no or low affiliate income) to high‐earner in the shortest time possible.

The first section goes over the basics of affiliate marketing ? what it is, why it?s a great way to make money on the internet and 4 simple guidelines that, if followed, will make you a LOT more money as a marketer.

The second section will provide you with bomb proof strategies for how to find lucrative markets and keywords.

The third section centers on the actual building of your affiliate website, with a focus on one of the most powerful methods ‐ blogging.

Finally, the fourth section will give you a full, A‐Z tour of virtually EVERYTHING you need to know as an affiliate marketer. If it?s a strategy used by successful affiliates, you?ll find it here.

I?ve also included additional information on outsourcing, as it?s something you?ll undoubtedly utilize as you get deeper into your business.



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