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Marketing Equalizer PLUS Link Partner Analyzer

Attention: This may be the only chance you ever get to uncover an exact roadmap to conquer any market you want…

“Finally… Discover Breakthrough Marketing
Secrets To Utterly Devastate Your Competition — By Getting Their Customers To Refuse Buying From Anyone Else, But YOU!”

“Watch With Confidence As Your Profits Grow By Leap and Bounds… It’s Attainable With These Strategies To Establish Yourself as the Dominant Player In Your Market Place… Where You Have a Loyal Following of Eager Customers Busting Down Your Door!”

Here’s The Run-Down of What You’ll Learn In Marketing Equalizer:

  • Step-by-step how to identify exactly who your competition is (you may be surprised it’s not who you think… and mistaking friends for foes can be deadly to your business!) Pages 4-9.
  • The single purpose of your competition and why not knowing this will send you on an endless “copy and catch-up” game… always struggling to keep up with changes in your market place. Page 10.
  • 3 simple steps to show you how to make your competition irrelevant. You won’t think twice about them again. Page 11.
  • The “Secret” ingredient every successful business uses whether they know it or not (Hint: The smart companies use it as an essential part of their business!). Page 15.
  • How to then use this “secret” to get past your customers built-up defenses against anybody trying to sell them products or services. Now, you can sell more to potential prospects without turning them off. Page 15.
  • The “X” factor which determines whether you crash and burn… or grow exponentially! By using it right, you’ll gain non-stop joint venture offers, higher sales rates, and enthusiastic workers! Page 25.
  • And why doing the “X” factor wrong will KILL your business little-by-little, slowly and painfully (Watch-out most businesses fail to use it right). Page 26.
  • 3 ways to use your relationships to bring in more cash. Page 31-33.
  • 2 ways to personalize your internet sales process and how it can dramatically increase your sales. Page 29.
  • How affiliate marketers can get access to large lists of customers even if you don’t have anything monetary to offer! This major drawback of not being able to do joint ventures and partner agreements is now a thing of the past! Page 32.
  • Why picking the wrong group of prospects in your market is like digging for worthless dirt (and how to pick the best, while leaving the rest for your growingly desperate competitors). Page 34.
  • The 5 components of the most profitable group in your market to bring in the gold. You will now be certain you’re targeting the group of customers who are going to bring in the most cash! Page 35.
  • Once you identify who your most profitable customers are, the single thing you must tell them or they won’t do business with you! Pages 38-39.
  • The key to transforming e-course subscribers into eager customers (doing it wrong will make your e-course ineffective and fail to bring in sales). Page 36.
  • The process of “spying” on your competitors and why you should if you want to beat them to smithereens. Page 40.
  • 7 aspects of your competitors web business you should keep an eye on to make their threat non-existent. Pages 40-46.
  • The “Super Affiliate” strategy to become known as the expert and put “I” into the sales process. Your repeat sales will now go through the roof. Pages 42-43.
  • The simple technique that improves the effectiveness of testimonials. (Hint: testimonials may soon become a thing of the past once you discover this new technique). Page 44.
  • Why it’s more important than ever in today’s modern world to give your customers what they want faster to win the sale over your competition. Page 42.
  • 7 components of an offer that you can use to eliminate your competition as a credible alternative. Pages 40-43.
  • 4 effective ways to collect contact information. Just using one of these methods can easily sky-rocket your subscriber numbers. Page 44.
  • The solution to breaking into any market when only one or a few competitors already dominate everything. Page 47.
  • What to do when your product can’t match your competition… and there is not an easy way to improve it (if you want to beat a superior competitor, then you’re going to love this one). Page 47.
  • The question of “Who Are You?” and why it is vital to creating a “cult-like” customer base… and 2 top performing businesses where this technique has done just that. Pages 48-49.
  • The 5 components to become a “personality” where your customers now think of you as friend. Even more… they want to see you succeed, as they buy up your products or services! Page 49-50.

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