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First off, I’m sharing these links because this Fucken Bastard, http://www.frankhaywood.c0m/ see his mug shot on the right, cancelled all my accounts because i complained about his support and demanded my commissions, which he neglected to pay me monthly.

After submitting multiple tickets demanding my commission and why i had to chase him up, 3 months in a row to PAY UP, he told me in email that he decided to cancel access to all the products i purchased from him because i had a bad attitude.

There are 6 products i purchased from this slime ball. Dont ask me to post the other 6 products. I may decide if i will do that at a later date.

WARNING: do not do business with this guy. You have to chase him up for your commissions every month and they take days, if your lucky, to get a reply from the shitass ticketpro system.

But i was smart, i had multiple accounts which i still have access too which i used to purchase some of those products via my commission url which he doesnt know about so “FUCK YOU FRANK SHITWOOD”!

Anyway, because im pissed as shit, and he can kiss my ass, I’v decided to share a free tool available to members only. Since this jack ass runs the Butterflymarketing membership site my account has a free download too this tool.

Hope you find it useful.


and the video is here


Enjoy it! :D



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