[GET] Black Google Cash Method – Original & NEW! : Blackhat SEO Softwares

My first “original” share.

Some months ago I saw a YouTube video and the dude had Google up
… but it was BLACK.

I thought it looked really cool ( and would saves me from eye fatigue and be a good way to diff between ie and firefox since I use black zune and pitchblack plugins and it makes both ie and ff grey, black & orange )

…so I PM’d him and asked him where he got it. He said:


Anyway … then I thought “hey, I bet others would like this”
so I SCRAPED it and put it on my server in TWO versions:

1 Duplicate ( with the links to Gmail, maps, ig00gle, etc, )
2 Plain ( with links removed. )

I was reluctand to rank it ( eg. blogging “black google” )
for fear of premature DMCA issue or worse
( it will come eventually, but if you never get one,
you are not trying hard enough )

So I spread the word in the internet tech support community
And within 2 months I had 5,000 hits a day.

And then the small, tiny, link ads to clickbank products began.
The “make money” and “gaming” niche stuff. Seems to be mostly
guys who like the black g00gle.

Anyway, here is what I put on my own server.
It has earned more than I care to disclose.
I’m sure you can do the same.
The best part is you can change the color of the links to
make the affiliate link really stand out but not be overwhelming.

TIP: Best to get users hooked on a version wih NO ADS
then slip them in as popularity grows. Like h0tmail did.



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