[GET] Fresh Hot Niches – Straight From The Oven! – By The Keyword Junkies

Hey B-Hatters:

Around a week ago, I was talking about an
idea which involved the monthly creation of
“Niche Packs” (discussed on the thread below):


Well, I guess it must have been a good idea straight razor
because I see that a company called “Keyword
Junkies” has already been doing it. Obviously,
they were ahead of me on this, but straight prefix crossword that doesn’t
mean that you couldn’t do this yourself as well.
There is lots of room on the market for selling
niche packs. . . I would bet on that. And there
are tons of lazy IM’ers who would buy them.

Think about Aspirin. How many companies make
and sell it? . . . zillions, right? . . .
How many make money from it? . . . ALL of them.

Anyway, below are the recent Hot Niche packs
created by Keyword Junkies. As you are Fresh Hot Niches – Straight From The Oven! – By The Keyword Junkies looking
at the materials, use it as a model and think
about ways you could create niche packs like
these. I am sure you could easily make much
better ones.

Then go and sell your Hot Niche Packs on WF or DP

Home/Sales Page:


Download The Niche Packs From MediaFire:


– OR –

Download The Niche Packs From RapidSpread:


Enjoy & Profit – “Wiz”



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