[GET] How To Have Unlimited Downloads From Rapidshare ..Without Upgrading.

Hello BHW member,

I haven’t seen this method being shared. Anyway congrats, You will now unlimited downloads stock footage have access to unlimited downloads from Rapidshare/Megaupload/Uploading etc.

I’ve been using this technique for a while and it works every time. The beauty of it is its simplicity.

Enough of intro ..here’s what you need to have: Mozilla Firefox browser of any version

Step 1 – Install add-on ‘Foxy unlimited downloads music Proxy’ from here;


Step 2 – Download TOR from the following link and install it.


TIP – While installing TOR, you may not install ‘privoxy’ which usually comes along with TOR instalation file so make sure you unckeck it as its useless, at least for this method.

Step 3 – Combine Tor with foxyproxy. For this, click on the FoxyProxy button at the right bottom corner of your firefox browser. The options window will pop up. Now click unlimited downloads internet on unlimited downloads itunes monthly fee File >> Tor Wizard ..and follow the simple instructions.

That is all with the set up part.

To download, you will just have to activate Foxyproxy with TOR. To do this simply right click on Foxyproxy button on the right bottom cornerof browser and choose TOR. Then go to the desired download unlimited downloads area of megaupload/uploading etc to have unlimited access. Make sure you ‘use a new identity’ for each download by double clicking(or right click) the TOR button at the right corner of ‘taskbar'(not browser) and then click ‘Use a New Identity’.

UNLIMITED Downloads FRom Rapid Share:

FOr Rapidshare, activate FoxyProxy with TOR by above mentioned process, go to the desired download page and hit ‘Free User’. If they say that download limit exceeded or another file is already downloading or any shit like that ..simply hit ‘Use a new identity’ on TOR by above mentioned process and retry. Generally takes me 5-6 times max. Thats it !

Enjoy Unlimited Downloads.

Note: You can do this just by using TOR and without Foxyproxy. But I do recommend you to use Foxyproxy as it doesn’t deactivate buttons on firefox browser after switching off TOR and also I find the internet speed is less effected comparatively.

Hope you found this helpful and Give thanks to encourage me for more useful posts…

Happy Downloading



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