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Since this is a version 2, of THE OPTIN FILES

Non-Stop Traffic Formula Traffic Voodoo v2.0

As a supplement to this thread:


From Jeff “Mr Traffic” Johnson
Here are the “Non-Stop Traffic” strategies that I’ll be sharing
with you as part of this entire “Non-Stop Traffic Formula” video
training series.
As you can tell by the titles…
I add my own distinct twist to every single one of them
1. “Youtube Bounceback”
2. “Facebook Push”
3. “Twitter Blog Bounce”
4. Blogs and “Feeder Sites”
5. “Push Send, Get Traffic”
6. “Contests and Sweepstakes Traffic Magnets”
7. “Article Linking Network”
8. “Free Software List Building Machine”
9. “PPC for Broke College Students and Housewives”
10. “CPV Server Crasher”
11. “Non-Stop Affiliate Traffic”

I believe the story I share in the first video is truly the most powerful of the entire series.
It’s not the “step by step” strategies like my other videos…
But I truly believe the message in it is the one that can help you the most.
So if you haven’t watched the first video about how…
Google almost put me out of business 7 years ago…
And how I fought back and beat them at their own game. Now would be a good time.

Get Traffic Voodoo v. – The Optin Files Your…”Non-Stop Traffic Formula” Cheat Sheets Absolutely Free
“I take you by the hand and personally walk you through… step-by-step…
my 11 “Non-Stop Traffic” Strategies that are so powerful…
even Google couldn’t stop you if they wanted to!”

I look forward to sharing all of them with you very, very soon!
But if you’d like to get started right now…Here are your links for the free content:

Optin Page:


If you do not wish to optin, then go directly here for the pdf’s,
But IMHO, the videos are worthy of an email address.

“Non-Stop Traffic Formula” Video 2 Presentation Slides:


“Non-Stop Traffic Formula” Video 3 Presentation Slides:


Although this content is free, please do NOT underestimate the content of it.




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