[GET] Cloaking, Geo-Targeting and IP Delivery Script

Following foxy’s request for help after my reply in http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/cloaking-content-generators/126546-close-forum-guests-but-not-bots-vbulletin.html. I’ve scanned the relevant pages of a Wrox php and seo book for instructions and included cloaking definition the scripts within the zip file.

What this allows you to do should be pretty self-explanatory.

Essentially you can cloak, based on targeting in spanish many factors. IP, Location, bots, browser, all kinds of crap from what i recall. It basically allows you to be a real Blackhat and show the search targeting rule engines one thing and the real visitors another.

It can also do a few other things cloaking technology 2017 from recollection. Don’t ask me for help, because i don’t have the time or the cloaking film ability i’m afraid.

I would also say you’d probably need at least some grasp of php. Have fun!



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