[GET] How to Land Your First $500 Offline Client in Less Than 6 Weeks – WSO

Check that headline – they’re not offline client league of legends making big, bold, brash, sportscar-buying claims there!

$500 in 6 weeks…oooooh, I’m tingling!

OTOH, they aren’t making the big, bulls**t claims that 99.5% of the other WSOs do and cannot support with proof.

I believe this was previously sold by one of the 2 Whorriors as ‘Ultimate Business Card’ and that’s what they’re calling it internally.

You offline client be the judge:



Signup here, you’ll go directly to the D/L page:


Be smart – use a throwaway addy (or completely bogus one) and D/L everything. You don’t need to go back.

There’s an offline client availability sharepoint 2010 upsell. If you get it share it here, ‘K?

– I didn’t write this product
– Say what you want in this thread about the product, because I didn’t write it
– I can’t answer questions about it, because I didn’t write it
– Don’t IM me to help you with offline client login your book – I didn’t write it
– I’m not backing up the $100 guarantee because I didn’t make that guarantee
– Before you ask: no, I didn’t write it
– Did I mention that I am not the author???

PS. I didn’t include VT scans on the PDFs and MP4s, based on this update to the instructions from Blackhit, “UPDATE – January 2 – 2011: If the download links for Templates, Themes, PDF’s or Scripts are located directly on the author’s download page, a VirusTotal scan is not required, since the risk of viruses/malware/trojans would be quite minimal.”

PPS. Mirrors appreciated as always.



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