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I have been a member for a little while now and I have gained tons of knowledge here sooooo I wanted to give something back. Enjoy


WHMCS is a powerful integrated client management, billing & support system. It provides everything you need to manage your clients. Packed with features while remaining easy to use, we’ve tried to highlight what we feel are the most important features below. Don’t just assume because you don’t see something it’s not supported – contact us!

Products and Services

Supports products of any type – not just hosting!

Free, One Time & Recurring Billing Cycles

Prorata Billing Support (One Day Billing)

Configurable Options for products which increase/decrease the price

Custom Field support allowing you to collect specific data from a customer

Addons which allow you to cross-sell additional products & services to clients

Downloadable Product Support – eg. Software Downloads

Support for custom Welcome Emails for each product you create

Stock Management/Auto suspension of orders once unavailable

Powerful & Flexible Billing

Automatic invoice generation x days before items are due, reminders and overdue notices all automated

Ability to create one-off invoices – ideal for web design/consultancy firms

Automated Recurring Credit Card Billing

3D Secure (Verified by Visa & Mastercard SecureCode) for gateways that support it (ProtX & Quantum Gateway)

PDF Invoicing Support

Automated credits on overpayments and application to invoices

Account Prefunding Option for Clients

Clients can order upgrades/downgrades to their products & services from the client area

Promotions support both one time & recurring, fixed value or percentage incentives

Offer Free Domains when bought in conjunction with certain packages/billing cycles

Tax Support with ability for Multiple Tax Zones & Tax Exemptions

Domain Integration/Management

Integration with over 10 of the leading domain registrars

Automated Domain Registrations & Transfers

Automated Expiry Notices

Clients can renew anytime from the client area

Ability to make Nameserver Changes

Make changes to the WHOIS Contact Information

Enable/Disable Domain Locking

Auto Renewal Settings per domain

Request EPP Code (Selected modules only)

ID Protection Addons (Selected WhmCS .. Nulled modules only)

DNS Management & Email Forwarding Addons (Enom only)

Allows multiple registrars to be used concurrently

Support Tools

Announcements for keeping clients up to date with news & events

Downloads so that you can offer your clients useful applications with their purchases

A Knowledgebase so that clients can find the help they need themselves reducing ticket workload

A fully featured Support Ticket System to hanlde all client and non-client communication

Multiple Departments support which can be open to clients only or public

Email Piping to allow ticket opening and replies via email

Mass Mail feature to enable you to give clients latest news, promos and notices

Server Automation

Over 14 leading control panels supported

Account Creation & Termination

Automated Suspension for Overdue and Unsuspension on Payment

Auto suspension overide option on whmcs nulled 5.3.12 a per account basis

Change Account Password whmcs nulled download from WHMCS (Selected modules only)

Auto Upgrade/Downgrade Package (Selected modules only)

Server rotation based on account numbers

Client Profiles & Frontend

Admin Client Summary page giving an overview of an entire clients account

Entire product/domain history with statuses whmcs nulled 6 including active, cancelled, fraud, terminated, pending-transfer so you and your clients are always kept up to date

Full Invoice & Payment records

Complete email history viewable by both admin and client

Timestamped Notes for detailed record keeping

Unique Client Portal system giving a central location for all your clients needs

Multi-language support in both client side display and email templates

Domain Availability Checker with support for mass lookups

Server Status summary page showing service status and uptime/load

Statistical Reports whmcs nulled free download & Summaries

Over 10 statistical reports to keep you up to date on how your business is doing

Graphs to provide a quick and clear overview of the data

Easily extendable with a simple modular addon reports system

Customisable & Developer Friendly

Fully templated client side which can be edited in a regular HTML editor (no complex PHP code)

Action hooks allowing you to add your own code to run when events occur in WHMCS – eg. after new orders, payments, etc…

Modular system for server, gateway and domain registrars making it easily extendable to support other panels/providers

Development Kits available for all supported module types

Remote API System allowing calls and integration from your own existing applications


Support for moving writeable directories outside of the publically accessible folder tree

Allows admin folder custom renaming to hide it from visitors

Notifications of failed admin login attempts

Auto IP banning after 3 failed login attempts

All passwords encrypted in the database

Credit card data is encrypted using the AES Encryption protocol

DL: hxxp://rap*idsh*are.c0m/files/112210052/WHMCS351PW.rar




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