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“How To Get Unlimited Traffic From All Over The Internet In 15 Minutes Or Less!”

It works like magic but almost nobody knows about it.

You’ll ask yourself, how can something so simple be so powerful… and so secret –
That’s the way the top marketers like it.

Dear Warrior,

How would you like to be able to flip a “switch” and instantly send massive amounts of highly targeted traffic to your offers?
How would you like to have dozens of “switches” sitting in front of you that you can press one after another, in quick succession, to send massive amounts of traffic to any offer you want, whenever you want?

If you would like to discover exactly how to do this then keep reading because this letter will be the most important letter you’ve read in a very long time!

Here is what this is all about…

Unknown to 99% of Internet Marketers there is more traffic available on the Internet than you can ever possibly imagine. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of billions of impressions available every single month.
Even better, these little-known “switches” can be turned on instantly any time you want to send huge waves of unlimited traffic machine traffic to any offer you want. This is exactly what the top marketers do to make massive amounts of money from affiliate marketing, CPA Offers and selling their own products.
The 2 Big Problems Facing You!

There are two big problems you face if you want to join the elite marketers who can flip multiple “switches” any time they want to start generating massive traffic and make money from it.
Big Problem #1 – You Don’t Know Where These “Switches” Are.

This is not your fault. There are…until now…no complete lists of the best places to buy traffic online. There are some small lists available but they are nowhere near complete and full of outdated resources.

The top marketers have been happy to keep these resources to themselves for long enough. Well that is about to change with the release of this breakthrough new report which reveals the 45 best places where you can instantly buy traffic to send to any offer.

There is nowhere else on the entire Internet which gives you this complete collection of “switches” you can have sitting in front of you to instantly send unlimited traffic to your offers. This gives you power and a massive advantage over at least 99% of other marketers.

Big Problem #2 – You Don’t Know How To Use The “Switches” Correctly To Make A Profit.

Once you know where the 45 “switches” are that give you instant access to hundreds of millions of people all over the world, from every corner of the Internet, you are half-way there. (which is already further ahead than almost all other marketers!)

However, you still need to know one more thing…

You need to know how to use the amazing “switches” revealed to you and turn them successfully into profits. Lots of profits.

There are 9 Big Secrets to doing this successfully.

Hardly anyone knows these 9 Big Secrets, yet, ALL of the top marketers, the real ‘Players’ in the Industry, who are making an absolute killing, know them, have memorized them and live by them. This is why they make so much money.

Knowledge is power. Once you have it no-one can take it away from you. This reports reveals the 2 most important things you need to know; where to get unlimited instant traffic…and…then how to make money from it.

Is It A Conspiracy?

That so few people know the real way to get traffic on the Web? Are the ‘Gurus’ intentionally depriving people of this information?

Conspiracy? No, I don’t think so. Tragedy? Damn, sure it is. But don’t worry. That’s all about to change, right now if you want it to.​
You see, over the past few months I have been on a mission to find ALL the best instant traffic “switches” on the Internet (there are 45 in total) and discover how the very best in the business turn these “switches” into mountains of cold hard cash over and over again at will (they follow the 9 Big Secrets).

I’ve taken this knowledge and put it into a groundbreaking new 2 part report. It weighs in at just over 3000 words, contains absolutely zero filler and I believe will be one of the most important reports you ever read on your road to achieving massive success in Internet Marketing.

I’m launching it next week to the Internet Marketing Community as a whole but right now as a Warrior you’re going to get an incredible pre-launch deal!

Here’s what’s covered:

Part 1 covers the 9 Big Secrets you MUST know if you want to be successful with buying traffic. This solves the ‘how’ problem. You need to know these first before buying traffic.

Part 2 provides the most complete list of paid traffic sources (there are 45) ever put together. With this list in your possession there is no limit to the amount of traffic you can generate for your business. No limit.

Your only problem will be getting a better accountant to shelter more of your increased wealth from those annoying things called taxes!

Paid Traffic Is The Ultimate Power!

Paid Traffic is the ultimate power. Fast. Guaranteed. Scalable. Unlimited. Predictable. Autopilot. And much, much more.

It lets you put $1 into your marketing machine and get $2, $3, $5 or more back out. And it lets you do it over and over again.

No more writing endless articles for a tiny bit of traffic. No more relying on Forum Posting and desperately hoping you’ll get visitors. No more begging people for JVs only to be told “No” again and again.

Paid traffic puts an end to that. Once and for all.

The best part is you can start with hardly any money, as little as $2, and quickly build up to large numbers which replace the income from your job. From then on the sky’s the limit!

You can even start for free as I’ll show you in Fast Action Bonus #1!

Here is exactly what you’ll discover in this amazing 2 part report:

  • A complete list of the 45 best places to buy paid traffic from. There has never been another list like this ever before. You can tap into hundreds and hundreds billions of impressions every month across the entire Internet. “Switch” on unlimited traffic any time you want.

  • Why you should always start small when testing a new traffic source before scaling up. ​

  • A true story of how I recently generated an ROI of over 3000% from paid traffic when I landed a client from paid traffic for my Copywriting Service.

  • How to use your profits as Compound Interest to rapidly make a great income from the Web… even if you you start with just $2 of paid traffic! This secret made Warren Buffett the richest man in the world and was what Albert Einstein called “the most powerful force in the Universe.” ​

  • The number one thing you must do if you want to be successful with buying paid traffic. (Note: You are certain to get failure if you don’t do this.)

  • The biggest secret to making HUGE profits with paid traffic that most people completely miss. (Plus a real-life example of how one ultra-successful marketer in the Acne Niche is making a killing using this approach.)

  • The one type of traffic you can buy from the Big Ad Networks which is 90% cheaper than their normal rates and yet fewer than 1 in 100 Marketers knows about.

  • A simple rule to keep in mind when beginning a campaign which makes a HUGE difference.

  • Plus much, much more.

Here’s What This Report Delivers:

  • You will be able to scale your advertising all over the Internet to rapidly grow your profits. These 45 “Switches” deliver all the power you need to rapidly grow a massively successful business.

  • You will have at your fingertips the best, most complete list of advertising networks on the entire Internet ever put together which is completely current, has no outdated information and gives you incredible power.

  • You will never have to worry about there not being enough traffic ever again. ​

  • You will never have to worry about getting traffic from only one place. You will get massive traffic from many places giving you 100% security and letting you sleep like a baby.

  • You will know the 9 Big Secrets to successfully buying paid traffic which guarantee your success if you use them…and…guarantee your failure if you don’t. ​

  • You will have the inside knowledge that only a very small number of marketers have – where to get massive traffic and how to buy it successfully.​

  • You’ll save literally hundreds of hours of research trying to find all of the places to buy quality traffic which you can instantly “switch” on and send to any offer.

  • You’ll know with certainty you’re not leaving money on the table through lost opportunities because you’ll have all the great traffic sources and networks (all 45 of them) on the Internet sitting in front of you in this groundbreaking special report.

  • You’ll not waste any time or money on crappy sources of traffic. The list you’re getting is top notch.

  • Reveals a TON of little-known yet equally HUGE traffic sources which deliver high quality traffic, often many times cheaper than Google with FAR less ‘Quality Score’ hassles, etc.

What This Isn’t:

  • These 45 instant paid traffic sources are the Real Deal. Hundreds of Billions of Impressions in front of quality visitors who whip out minutes to decimal their wallets and buy. No crappy ‘Guaranteed’ Hits sites, FFAs, Traffic Exchanges and other rubbish. This is the Real Deal.

Who Is This For?

If you are serious about becoming successful Online you really need to strongly consider buying this. Wave goodbye to the trickle of inconsistent free traffic and time-consuming difficulty of trying (and failing) to set up one-time-only JVs. Paid traffic is the only way to go. Instant. Scalable. Unlimited.

If you are already successful you need this report. When you have an existing successful offer the easiest way to make more money is to scale. This report lets you scale to the absolute maximum. Nothing like it. Turn on this “Switch” then turn on the next “Switch” and see more money flowing into your bank account!

It’s already an incredible offer. But I want it to be simply irresistible. For this reason I’m throwing in:​

4 Incredible Fast Action Bonus Special Reports!
Fast Action Bonus #1 – How To Get Started With Paid Traffic For Free (Worth $75)
In this special report I show you how to get started with paid traffic…without spending a single penny! I show you exactly where to get $75 of free advertising from 3 excellent Ad Networks. These Ad Networks are cheaper than Google Adwords, deliver a great ROI and are the perfect place to start!
Fast Action Bonus #2 – The Biggest Hidden Secret to Buying Paid Traffic (Worth $???)
In this special report I reveal a little-known, amazingly powerful secret for buying paid traffic. It will astonish and amaze you. I can’t say anything more here but all will be revealed inside. Priceless.

Fast Action Bonus #3 How To Blanket The US and UK with Classified Newspaper Adverts Directly From Your Computer In Just A Few Minutes! (Worth $37)

I could easily take this little report fluff it up a little and make a small fortune from selling it on its own. But I’m not going to do that. At least not yet anyway!

Inside you’ll discover the fastest, easiest way to blanket pretty much the entire Western World with Newspaper Advertising in just a few short minutes from your computer. You’ll learn how to do it cheaply, effectively, where to order and much more.

Remember this: when someone comes from an Offline Source to your website they are usually worth a LOT more than someone who comes from an Online Source. Also why limit yourself to only Online sources? This report lets you get your offers in front of millions and millions of people who you can’t normally reach on the Net.

Fast Action Bonus #4 – How To Easily Take Profitable Advertising Campaigns And Put Them On Steroids By Adding In TV Advertising! (Worth $47)

(Sigh…)I’m almost starting to regret this bonus line-up! I really am giving away the farm! Anyway, I committed to doing this so let’s keep going! In this bonus report I’ll show you how to easily and very cheaply start buying TV Advertising, how to find out everything you need to know about making it successful completely free of charge and reveal to you other amazing resources no-one is telling you about.

Plus, to make it even better, I’m going to share with you a hidden resource which lets you put advertising into in-flight magazines and in-flight TV. If you sell anything travel related or high-end this could be worth a fortune to you!

Amazing 68% Warrior Discount!
In a week’s time I’m going to launch this collection of special reports on PayDotCom for $47. The price will then definitely rise to $67 and possible even $97.
However, because I owe a LOT to the Warrior Forum, want to get some killer testimonials before next week’s launch and iron out any minor problems in advance I’m going to give you a truly amazing deal if you order today.
The Warrior Price is NOT $47, $37, $27 or even $17.
If you order right now the price is only $15 for the 2-part main report and the 4 bonuses. That’s a saving of over 68% compared with what people will be paying next week.
One word of warning: In one week’s time when this product is launched the WSO Price of $15 will be taken down and gone forever. From then on you’ll have to pay the standard price of $47 (and then $67) to get this insider information.
This is because I can’t in good faith sell it in one place for $47 and on here for $15 at the same time. However, I can offer it as a special pre-launch for Warriors, before it launches on PayDotCom which is what I’m doing right now.
Now, before you decide whether or not to order, let me tell you about the OUTRAGEOUS guarantee I’m backing up this offer with…
Most Outrageous Money Back Guarantee Ever Seen On The Warrior Forum!
Order now, get instant access to the main 2-part report plus 4 bonuses. Read them, absorb them, devour them. Print them out and take in every golden nugget you possibly can. If at any time during the next 60 days you don’t feel like the information and resources you’ve received are worth at least 10 times the price you’ve minutes to milliseconds paid then send me a Private Message or Email and I’ll refund every single cent of your money right there on the spot. No questions asked.
Plus, if you decide to refund I’ll also give you 3 special reports worth over $35 if bought separately! (I told you this guarantee was going to be outrageous!)
The reports I will give you are Untapped Traffic Revealed, The 3 Minute Article Writing Formula and Bum Marketing Busted Wide Open 2.0.

Combined these reports have generated over $10,000 in profit for me and if you decide to refund I’ll give all 3 of them minutes to hours to you 100% free, as my way of saying sorry!
I think you’ll agree this is the most outrageous guarantee ever on the Warrior Forum. I know I’m taking a risk but I’m so confident you’ll be blown away with the resources and information on paid traffic that you won’t want a refund. However, it is available to you, no questions asked, if for any reason you’re not totally blown away, so you have nothing to lose and a lifetime of unlimited traffic to gain.
I want to remove all risk from your purchase because I know, deep down, this is exactly what you need to rapidly build and grow your Internet Marketing Business to the numbers you really want.

At the very least you need to expose yourself to the amazing world of paid traffic that exists where you can press a button and instantly turn on a stream of thousands of visitors from dozens of different sources.
How To Get Unlimited Traffic In 15 Minutes Or Less!

Here’s exactly what you get by taking action right now:

Main Report Part #1The 9 Big Secrets To Successfully Buying Paid Traffic Profitably!

Main Report Part #2 The 45 Best Places To Instantly “Switch On” Massive Amounts of Traffic Hungry For Your Offers! The Only Complete Collection on The Internet. Saves You Hundreds of Hours of Research!

Fast Action Bonus #1– How To Get Started With Paid Traffic For Free (Worth $75)

Fast Action Bonus #2 – The Biggest Hidden Secret to Buying Paid Traffic (Worth $???)

Fast Action Bonus #3 How To Blanket The US and UK with Classified Newspaper Adverts Directly From Your Computer In Just A Few Minutes! (Worth $37)

Fast Action Bonus #4How To Easily Take Profitable Advertising Campaigns And Put Them On Steroids By Adding In TV Advertising! (Worth $47)”



As usual a very misleading sales letter- basically it is just a list of places you can pay to advertise, but might be interesting to some.



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