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Tom Reichert – Sex in Advertising​

Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal is the first advertising techniques book to thoroughly tackle important issues about sex tom reichert photography in advertising. What is it? Does it work? How does it affect individuals and society? Well-respected scholars and popular writers answer these questions as they address the following issues associated with sex in today’s advertising environment: gender differences and representation, unintended social advertising on facebook effects, subliminal embeds, appeals to the homosexual community, and new media. The book contains a blend of tom reichert american midwest mortgage perspectives, including original experimental studies, interpretive and historical analyses, and cultural critiques.

The definitive source on sex in advertising, this book:

*is centralized around a singular theme: Understanding how sex advertising in advertising appeals work and why they are so prevalent;

*includes multiple perspectives to capture the richness of sexual appeals;

*brings together viewpoints from both well-known scholars and writers;

*provides a wealth of ideas and research questions for those interested in the topic; and

*contains discussions of sex in advertising from its roots in the 1700s to online advertising today and beyond.

The book is must reading for advertising and gender researchers, scholars, and students. Anyone interested in mass media, consumer psychology, and popular culture will find this book an essential resource.




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