[GET] Targeting Inspector 2.0 Cracked – LIFETIME License – Facebook Audience Software

Easily Find & Target Untapped Facebook Audiences in any Niche

What is Targeting Inspector Crack :

Targeting Inspector is a web-based Ad Tool to build your Audience based upon keywords and interests for your Facebook Ad Campaigns. By entering one or several keywords at once, it finds all ultra-targeted “hidden” interests that otherwise would take you hours to lifetime license tn find them manually. The ultimate goal of course is to create groups of specific audiences with the best and highly targeted interests for your offer. Hence the CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of your ads will be higher and your ad costs will be lower, resulting in a higher ROI and more money in your pocket.

What makes Targeting Inspector so special? With most of the Facebook Interests Targeting software, you can only select on keyword at a time. Targeting Inspector lets you enter several keywords at once. It even gives new keyword suggestions based upon the keywords you already entered. So you can really go into the depth with your keywords. Furthermore Targeting Inspector has included two extra features no other targeting software has (as far as I know about): Deep Research Reports and Similar Websites. With Deep Research, you can dig into demographics and media kits. And yes, the Similar Websites option, allows you find similar websites.

Main features of Targeting Inspector v2.0:

☑ Web-based browser. Hence it works on both Mac and PC, and on any device with internet connection.

☑ Gorgeous and Highly Effective User Interface. This software is super easy cracked to use, no experience needed.

☑ Multi-keyword searcher. Search for lifetime license nc as many terms as you like to enter/use at once. But the software also auto-generates related keywords.

☑ Advanced filtering. Filter your results by keywords, category, countries, website, number of likes, people talking about this and more…

☑ Deep research reports. Dig into demographics and media kits based on any given keyword and find the best demographic data to really laser-target your audiences.

☑ Trends Finder. Find the biggest trends with a single click. And find all trending #hashtags.

☑ Associated interests. Find related interests inside any niche with a single click. This isn’t just adding ‘association’ to the end of the term. No, the software finds relevant niche terms that would otherwise have remained undiscovered.

☑ Similar sites. Just enter a website URL and the software will pull up several similar websites that you can plug right into your ads as interests.

☑ Fully integrated with Facebook API and fully compliant with Facebook TOS.



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