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[Image: intro.png]EMAIL Jeet 2Revolutionary Mail Marketing Software That Lets You Mail ANY List Right From Your Desktop ComputerMaximize 
Your Email Profits!
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[Image: steps.png]That’s it, no waiting, no cajoling your autoresponder to let you import your lists, no feeling like your list is being held to ransom.FIRE YOUR AUTORESPONDER!SOUNDS UNTHINKABLE? I guess by now you are resigned to the belief that you’re stuck with your autoresponder and you can do absolutely nothing about it even if the mail delivery absolutely sucks because you can’t import your list anywhere.EMAIL JEET GIVES YOU CHOICESSend your Emails using a professional email service with Email Jeet! It is 100% compatible with almost every SMTP and mail provider including.
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[Image: doller.png]Total Control Gets You more $$$!

  • Get better delivery and higher open rates because these services have only one job – Mail delivery! Yes, they take it more seriously than your autoresponder who has your list at ransom.
  • Send your mails by any service you like without having to import or wait for approvals. Just plug in the settings and you’re set.
  • In fact, send your mails using multiple services if you like! No restrictions.
  • Service or downtime issue? Just mail using a different Email service instantly!
  • Send your mails cheap. Pay only for the mails you send.
  • If you’re a small sender, send your mails free using the free tier that almost every SMTP service has.
  • Send your emails through your hosting SMTP at no cost!



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