[GET] Affiliate Blitzkrieg – WordPress Plugin – Create Fast Affiliate Product Pages : Blackhat SEO Softwares

Got this today and figured I’d share. Please use the Thank You button not just reply thank you! :)

Pretty cool and works with 2.8 WordPress.

“Affiliate Blitzkrieg is an incredibly powerful piece of software designed specifically for use with WordPress blogs & websites. It is accessed and used from the WordPress CMS admin panel.

Affiliate Blitzkrieg allows you to take a csv (comma seperated values) spreadsheet, provided by your affiliate program, & containing thousands of affiliate products, and to upload them en masse to your blog or website.

Affiliate Blitzkrieg automatically creates a product page for each & every product, inserting a title, description, image, buy it now button (which points to the right page on the vendors website with your affiliate id in the link), & price, AND automatically assigns each & every product into the correct category at the same time………..”




Have fun and say thanks.



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