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Introducing The 4 Part Course –

‘EZ 1st Page Video’:​

Module 1: Fast Professional Video Creation –

– Create A Professional Sales Video Online In 10 Minutes Using Free Resources.

– The Hottest Trend In Online Videos Finally Revealed – Kyle reveals the newest video style that sucks the viewer in, doesn’t let go… (And where to outsource it cheap)

Module 2: Magnetic Video Copywriting Formula-

– Create Cash Sucking Videos That Are Proven To Convert AND Go Viral – This plug and play video copywriting formula guarantees every one of your videos will convert like hotcakes… for you and your clients

– Reach Your Target Audience And Force Them To Take Action – Optimize your videos so they have the highest viewer retention and force the user to take action

Module 3: Google First Page In 30 Minutes –

– Step By Step From YouTube Account Creation All The Way To The First Page Of Google – Kyle holds your hand and breaks the entire process down for even the newest newbie… And you can do it all in 30 minutes!

– Why Your YouTube Account Sucks – How to set up a YouTube account for success from the beginning and why everyone gets this wrong

– Master Video Titles And Descriptions To Hack Google’s Algorithm – Propel your video to the first page of Google instantly with ‘Google magnet’ keywords in the title and description…

– Why Closed Captions Are More Important Than Titles – Make Google your bitch and force the big G to rank you instantly by making your entire video ‘search friendly’ with closed captions… (and where to outsource video transcriptions so you don’t have to do any work)

– The Free Source Of Backlinks Used To Rank Anything Quickly – Turbo charge your video with backlinks that index in 5 minutes… Google won’t know what hit it when you use this free resource

– The Secret Paid Backlink Service For Ultra Quick Ranking – Need even faster than 30 minute ranking for those impatient clients? This paid service will index and rank the videos even faster…

Module 4: Get The Damn Clients! –

– The Free Lead Source Kyle Uses To Find Hungry Clients – The most powerful lead source on the internet that includes EVERYTHING you need to know about local businesses… (It even tells you if they have social media accounts)

– The Only Paid Lead Source Kyle Uses – Get access to the largest lead database in the world for a flat fee… UNLIMITED leads!

The Very Pitch Kyle Uses To Close Over 80% Of Prospects – Truth is the clients pitch Kyle on working with them after 5 minutes…

Module 4 Bonus Video: Clients Calling You –

– How To Stop Cold Calling And Get Clients Calling You – Cold calling sucks, stop doing it… follow Kyles 3 step method and have the clients calling you for once

– Why Offering His Services For FREE Guarantees Kyle A Sale – When all else fails, Kyle offers his 30 minute ranking service for free… (And upsells the client into a $2,000 a month full service package that every client bites on)

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