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The last days i was working on manually creating accounts in each and every social bookmarking sites that Onlywire supports.

And with the famous imacros addon of firefox, i almost automated it.

the first time, i spent around 7 hours to finish them all

with this imacros macro it only took me about 45 minutes to create new accounts, a yahoo account, and get back links almost automated

with the help of power blogger this will be much better

So here they are for you, lot of macros. you can run them one by one or all together, all you have to do is create a csv data source file and add your detail to it. download the attached zip file.

Imacros experienced user will find this easier

if you don’t know how imacros works just Google it. or youtube it. ;)

it won’t matter for those of you who make thousands, but for the broke, it is fine.

i included a Notes.txt file in the attached zip make sure you read it.

No virus scan, there is no application, only text macro files.

see the thanks button ?




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