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Dear Internet Marketing Friend, Have you fallen victim to the lure of “Instant Internet Marketing Millions“?
You know what we’re talking about, you opt into someone’s list with the promises of ‘exclusive information’ about how “Mr. guru millionaire” went from sleeping on park benches and eating instant noodles to making millions of dollars in 30 days… blah… blah… blah.
It all sounds great, so you opt-in expecting some genuinely helpful information, but the next thing you know your e-mail box is getting slammed with invitations to join in on webinars, purchase products, and news of upcoming hyped-up product launches.
For most people, after purchasing several of these so-called “must have” products, that only wind up collecting dust on their hard drives, they find themselves out of pocket by several thousand dollars for overpriced information that’s less useable than a Jell-O hammer!

This is the vicious cycle that’s happening every day to people just like you!”

Or so the salespage says:

Actually, it’s a ‘not bad’ local marketing course made better at special BHW pricing! :D Nothing that will shatter your misconceptions (unless you’re a total noob, in which case you’re welcome).



Direct DL Link:


There are 12 zip files, each containing an MP4 file.

The files are too large to scan with VT. I scanned them on my own system with various AVs and they came up clean. I ran the MP4s and no one has charged anything on my Visa cards yet.

Nevertheless, TAKE NORMAL PRECAUTIONS even though this is directly from the author’s site.

– I didn’t create/produce the course of videos. I can’t answer questions about it.
– Because of the above, I don’t do tech support for it.
– No, I will not PM you to answer your questions about local SEO marketing
– Yes, there is a Santa Claus
– No, he is not going to ever come to your house again if you download this, you thief!

PS. Mirrors much appreciated (especially for the proxy-less)!



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