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Hi guys,
I want to share something with the BHW community.
It’s not a big share, it’s just a simple file creator, that creates an empty file every X minutes. But … it helps!

This software will also help you with a bug that is in the Zennoposter 5 version The bug in this version, is with the task manager (to start the templates every X minutes) with the Execute projects periodically. It’s not starting the templates all the time. But, the Execute projects on signal feauture works very good, so you can use this software, and it will help you with ZP, and it works on the same principe. Instead of executing the projects every X minutes, use the option to execute the projects on signal and the File Creator. This software has two options. The first one, is the path of your file that you want to create, and the other one is the minutes. The software will create a file for Zennoposter (if you wish) every X minutes, so the templates will be started with Zennoposter periodically, but using the execute on signal option.




Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/idc383216f78826/File_Creator_V_1.1.exe
VirusTotal Link: http://www.virustotal.com/en/file/…a65104c7d5c9f8fc6a56da14/analysis/1378901055/
Detection ratio: 1 / 46. It was found by NOD32. False detection. NOD32 detects almost all the C# applications that work with files.

I hope that you guys like it. If you want some feautures added, let me know.



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