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This is an ebook I found the other day whilst cleaning out my old downloads folder. It contains some indepth information about domain flipping. Great guide for those new to domaining. Its about a year old but im pretty sure the methods will still work today. :D

Fast Domain Riches

“How to Make an Easy $2,000 to $4,000 per Month Flipping Domains!”

Thank you for purchasing Fast Domain Riches. First of all, this report will not teach you how to find one word “legendary” domain names worth millions of dollars. That opportunity ended years ago. What it will do, however, is to help you build a consistently profitable domain flipping business for years to come.

So, just how much can you make from domain flipping?

As you may already know, domain flipping is not exact science. A lot of it has to do with timing, buyer tastes, current trends, and more. For instance, I put up TrainAPet.com for sale about four months ago. It sold for $46, which was above my expectations. However, the buyer didn’t pay, and I re-listed it. This time, it sold for $152.50, and I didn’t change the auction in any way, shape, or form. It’s simply a case of someone who valued the domain name more just happened to see it the second time around.

On good days, you can make several hundred dollars. On bad days, you may lose money or just break even. On average, following my strategy of selling 20 to 30 domain names per week, I make around $500 to $1,000. The important thing is to focus on your overall performance, and not get hung up on one domain that sold for 99 cents. I will tell you now that it will happen. We can’t pick winners 100% of the time. But with this guide, you will be picking winners roughly 75% to 95% of the time, tilting the domain flipping game strongly in your favor.






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